Migraine Treatment

This is another exciting service available to you if you suffer from this debilitating disease. Migraine headaches can be successfully prevented with an oral appliance called the NTI.

If you suffer from migraines you know how terrible these events can be. Luckily there is hope for you where you may have not thought to look. Your dentist……. More and more research is showing a link between the nerves that cause migraines and the nerves that cause clenching. Studies have shown that intense nighttime clenching activity seen in most migraine sufferers contributes to the development of a migraine headaches. The great news is that 1000’s of patients who have worn the NTI have seen a reduction in the frequency and intensity of their migraines. Most migraine sufferers have evidence of clenching. As a dentist I can identify this at an examination.

The NTI: the only FDA approved appliance for the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine headaches fits just over the lower front teeth. It is designed to prevent the back teeth from touching thereby reducing the clenching intensity of the complex musculature in the head and neck that contributes to an already sensitive “migraine stimulating” nerve. Unlike traditional oral splints that covered the back teeth, the NTI changes the lever system in the jaw preventing intense jaw clenching. Try it out as you read this. Clench your teeth and feel your temples bulge. Now place a pencil or pen between your front teeth and clench. You cannot make the temple muscles bulge with the same intensity.

By the way, the NTI is about a third of the height of a pen. We just need clearance of the back teeth to change the lever system in the muscles.

I have been successfully treating migraines patients with the NTI for over 26 years. My success rate is outstanding. I have fabricated hundreds of these devices and have been so delighted after helping migraineurs achieve freedom from the pain and misery that comes with Migraine headaches. It has become a passion of mine to help migraine patients. If this is you, please call me so I can help. You do not need to continue to suffer.