“There are very few dentists that I would ever let do dentistry on my mouth, but I can proudly say that Dr. Chris Catalano is my personal dentist.  Having worked and educated other dentists with Dr. Catalano, he is the complete package.  Excellent clinician, keeps up with all the latest techniques and materials, and truly cares for each and every one of his patients.  If you are looking for a dentist in the San Francisco Bay area, look no further”

David S. Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD, FACE
International lecturer and private practice in San Diego, California

“My name is Ray Kieffer. I have specialized in the field of orthodontics for over 20 years. I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Catalano when he worked in San Diego.  I have worked with Dr. Catalano on many complex full mouth reconstructions and I regard him as aan astute Dentist with exceptional knowledge and understanding of dental concepts. He devotes his time and energy to staying ahead on continuing education, and the skill he demonstrates in restorative and cosmetic dentistry is matched by only a very few elite dentists. I am confident that Dr. Catalano will provide the best quality dentistry available.”

Ray Kieffer, DDS
Board Certified Orthodontist and lecturer in San Diego, California

“Dr. Catalano has been my dentist for over 15 years. He is kind, caring, meticulous, and does incredible work. He takes personal pride in making sure I have a beautiful smile. I have complete trust and confidence in him and he has consistently taken extra time to make sure I am comfortable and doing well. I receive wonderful compliments on my teeth and smile – all due to Dr. Catalano’s fabulous care. I’ve referred many people to him over the years and they have all made it a point to tell me how pleased and thankful they are to have him as their dentist, too. He is absolutely the BEST!”

Vicki B

“As a child I suffered some terrifying experiences in the dentist chair. I carried a rather intense fear of having to see the dentist well into my adult years. As I approached my 70 th birthday I had the blessed good fortune to meet Dr. Catalano. I was told he was an excellent cosmetic dentist. That was an inadequate description. Sitting in his chair was, in essence, a transformational experience. His extraordinary talent as a well trained and experienced cosmetic dentist transformed my broken down mess of a mouth into a beautiful, healthy, and functional one. AND, his skill and sensitively aware approach removed the anxiety and fear of my being in the dentist’s chair forever. My wife (also his patient) and I refer to him as Saint Chris, DDS.”

Dr. Herb T

“Before Dr. Catalano…O.K. smile. After Dr. Catalano…Wow mouth!
Before Dr. Catalano …Nice teeth. After D. Catalano…Gorgeous teeth!
I had no idea, until I looked in the mirror at my new smile, what an enormous difference the aesthetic and professional talent, coupled with his kind and gentle manner provided. He is a genius, a rare find and a fabulous cosmetic dental surgeon who makes miracles happen every day.
Call him. You deserve to have the smile of your dreams!”

Elizabeth G

“My quality of life was transformed by a small dental device. For all of my adult life I had suffered from migraine headaches, usually at least three or four each month. I had medication, but I always had to make sure I had it with me. If a migraine started while I was out, and my medication was at home I would miss the “window of opportunity” and my migraine led me to suffer 24 hours of deep, continuous, and excruciating pain. For the last year life has been so much better. I am now completely migraine free. It is all thanks to the NTI,  a small dental appliance, which I wear every night.  I find it is comfortable to wear, and I sleep well. The device works by stopping me from clenching my teeth, which was a trigger for the migraines. It has been life changing for me; it is wonderful to be free of migraines, and to be free of medication. Thank you to Dr.Catalano and all the great staff at Montclair Smile Design. “

Julia B

This is always a happy place for me which is important because I’ve been afraid of the dentist since childhood due to bad experiences. Dr Catalano is so good at putting me at ease and so patient. I always feel heard by him and the entire staff. The entire staff is so good and so professional. Besides they give me a beautiful smile.

Ann M

Dr. Catalano is so amazing, compassionate, gentle, conscious and a true fine artist! He is very committed and passionate about producing the best and most effective treatment plan for his patient, and getting the most beautiful result. Since I was in trouble because my previous dentist badly hurt his shoulder at the last minute, Dr. Chris came to work even on a Saturday morning. WOW! I am very impressed by his work and his professionalism. He was a blessing in disguise. I highly recommend him to everyone. Infinite heartfelt gratitude Dr. Chris!

Vivianne N