Replace Veneers

Do you have old veneers in need of replacement? Are they 10-15 years old? Are they breaking? Have some of the veneers popped off and had to be recemented? Are there stains along the edges of the veneers? Have they shifted or moved? Do you have dark shadows or lines on your teeth? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, your veneers are in need of replacement. Don’t worry, it is easier than you think. I have over 27 years of experience replacing veneers. The great thing is there are new materials that are stronger and more beautiful. Now that you have had veneers, you know what you liked and what you did not like about your old veneers. I work with you in the smile design process to make sure you get the veneers you want and love.

The Replace Veneers Process:

The First Step | “The Smile Consult” We meet to talk about your goals with your new veneers. We call this a smile consult which can be done in person or online virtually over the computer if that is easier for you.

The Second Step | “The Smile Design” We start the process by taking photos, videos, molds or scans of your teeth and have our expert ceramists begin the process of designing your new smile.

The Third Step | “The Smile Design Preparation” We schedule the design preparation appointment where we remove the old veneers. This is where you can be assured that I will be very careful with the underlying tooth structure. I carefully remove each veneer under magnification making sure not to remove any of your underlying tooth structure. I do remove any decayed areas and damaged tooth structure, but often once the veneer is removed we are left where you started. You leave with beautiful temporaries based on the new design that you approve. My temporaries are so beautiful that no one will notice. I have even had a patient get married in my temporaries…they are that pretty.

Our temporaries are a working model of your final restorations. So, I spend time with you making sure this is what you want. Once you approve the ceramist begins fabricating these beautiful new veneers.

The Fourth Step | This is the fun appointment: Delivering your beautiful new smile! Meticulous care is taken by me to ensure the strongest and most secure bond between the tooth and veneer is accomplished. Digital bite analysis is done to make sure the bite is balanced, comfortable and strong. Polishing and detailing your smile is done to make sure you love every aspect of your new smile. I often encourage a final protective retainer by Invisalign to be used at night if you can tolerate it to keep them beautiful for as long as possible.